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Uber, Amazon, Flexport, Makespace, Rent the runway, behind those great startups who became leaders in the industries they created lies innovative business models.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we came to the realization that no businesses are truly unique. The key is to combine different business model in ways that haven’t been done before. Armed with an original business canvas, a competitive advantage can be present from the inception of your business.

To facilitate the way toward advancing your plan of action, from idea to launching, we consolidated 44 concrete business models into a helpful arrangement of example cards. Every Business model card contains its core features in addition to explanations and examples of current companies whose business model incorporates a similar attribute.

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Brainstorm unique business ideas

Imagine having a personal seasoned business adviser and creativity coach to guide and spark your business spirit anytime and anywhere. With these 44 illustrated business patterns, you can do just that!

You can also pick any current business and see how you can improve and disrupt them. By adding different business model patterns to their current structures, think Netflix over Blockbuster. Or deconstruct current businesses, strip and leverage their most profitable aspects with the addition of any of the business model cards.

Another way you can brainstorm is by playing with a group of like-minded friends. Challenge each other to come up with a different business model mix and critique them to see how solid their ideas stand.

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Case Study #1 Netflix

Netflix is one the most popular companies in the world today, valued at 86 billion dollars. Netflix started as a movie rental company with a twist in 1997. If you remember, the best company in this industry was Blockbuster who unlike Netflix, had physical locations where customers would go to rent VHS cassettes and DVDs.

At first, Netflix’s business model was based on removing the physical stores from their business model. Second, they allowed customers to choose online which DVD they wanted before receiving them in the mail. The founders were inspired by the success of Amazon, which started selling books online instead of having physical stores. Netflix then innovated again by digitizing their goods. They used the Internet to expand their business. Customers can now watch any movie they want by just accessing their Netflix accounts online.

This is the key to the success of Netflix, taking the common subscription model rental stores were accustomed to use and innovating by becoming an Internet based company with the digitizing business model at their core. This innovation in their business model enables them to reach a large market without having to spend capital on physical stores. Today, Netflix continues to innovate by creating their own content and changing how people consume shows.

Case Study #2 Starbucks

Branding wise, Starbucks is one of the most recognized companies in North America. How did a coffee company become so successful? Howard Schultz’s (CEO of Starbucks) insight to improving his small coffee business came during a trip to Italy where he observed how different people were consuming coffee.

He decided to modify his coffee business in the US by making it more of a place where people would come and stay to drink their coffee. He also wanted to recreate the same welcoming atmosphere he had seen in Italy. This is what the experience business model is all about. Engineering your business to go beyond selling a product to deliver emotions to your customers. Starbucks is more than a regular coffee chain where people just swing by to grab a coffee and leave.

The experience customers receive from Starbucks is not just from their locations, but also the friendly service from their employees, plus the great coffee selection they offer. This all leads to creating a loyal customer base. That is also a business model in itself, which we call  loyalty focused.

Using various ways to make your customers loyal is a huge advantage for your business, because they will keep coming back to you. This means you won’t have to spend as much capital on marketing your product to new customers.

Your turn!

Just like the founders of Netflix and Starbucks innovated in their respective industries, you can start a unique business with the 44 business model cards. With these business blueprints, you will discover how easy it is to  come up with business ideas.

Start by analyzing your day to day life, what are your passions, interests, likes or products you buy often? Next, brainstorm how you could improve various products or services. See if your friends and family would be interested, it’s a great starting point.With the business model cards, you can also analyze the best companies you like and practice how you could improve them.

The 44 business models give you the capacity to deconstruct any successful company in the world. You will be able to decrypt them and figure out what business model they are using. Part of being an entrepreneur is developing the habits of scouting how successful businesses innovate. This power of thinking outside the box was the key to the success by Sam Walton of Walmart and Steve Jobs of Apple.

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Once you receive the business cards, you can start to generate new business ideas right away.

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